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Social Work Research Proposal Writing Guide

There are several differences between a research paper and a term paper. First of all, a term paper is a task for an exact topic which requires describing the subject in a way to demonstrate all skills and knowledge in this theme. It is considered to be a critical task that also must contain a writer’s point of view. The term essay should be built on facts and arguments, so the text to be relevant and trustworthy.

Notice, that your term paper can become a research paper if the topic was previously discussed in the class. In any case, your paper should contain a statement which you will support. So start preparation right now or find your topic and buy custom research paper proposal.

Here are the main principles in writing:

  1. To choose the topic beforehand. When you have the main questions to support or dispose of, it is more likely to hold the main idea of your paper.
  2. To introduce the subject. Explain it to your readers like you are not an expert so that they can understand all your descriptions. Make your paragraph easy-to-understand, so people will not need to reread it or ask questions.
  3. To explain the ways of research. There are numerous methods to discover and explain your subject, and you need to choose beforehand. Depending on your methodology the results of your work may differ.
  4. To demonstrate the value of your research for the subject. You can start with a quick overview of the current research situation, then consider your research paper meaning.
  5. To improve the text. You must provide it with proper structure, annotated bibliography, title page, and other elements if they are needed. Also, make final proofreading to ensure yourself you have done all you could.

Where to Find the Best Social Work Project Ideas

If your professor didn’t provide you with a topic, then you should find it on your own. Remember, that quality influences on the text and your mark. That’s why experts in writing academic papers recommend picking up awesome themes. Here are 2 lists of great topics for your research paper in social work.

Interesting research topics:

  1. How to improve socialization of the abuse survivors?
  2. Job discrimination among men and women
  3. Main reasons why people strike
  4. Can a democracy save a world?
  5. The importance of sex education in schools

Popular research topics:

  1. The role of police in robbery prevention
  2. The problem of bullying among teenagers
  3. The history of social science development
  4. How to live with a person with a physiological disorder
  5. The connection between alcohol and car accidents

You can also choose the research topics in social work according to your taste. But it would be better to consult with your professor about its relevance and importance for your discipline.

Tips for writing social papers

Social papers are absolutely the same as other kinds of academic tasks. You also need to get a good topic, keep the traditional structure, avoid mistakes, etc. But besides such well-known bits of advice, you should also keep other recommendations. Among them are:

– Use a proper tone of voice. The text should be written in a neutral manner, but you also need support or expose main arguments;

– Add hook sentences. Rhetorical questions, quotes, comparisons will be very cool things to grab readers’ attention;

– Share personal opinion. When you write social papers, you can’t be out of the swim, so always add your own thoughts.

If you can use such additional advice, you will become a really successful author in research topics for social work students.


There is an excellent opportunity for students to show their skills in social work topics and their texts. Such papers are made to talk louder about difficult but very important things. Authors will face numerous challenges during choosing research paper topics and writing texts, but risks can’t set you free from such task.

The only thing you can do is to review social work research topics and ready essays to get more information for writing. You can find several good samples below, and they will help in making an excellent research paper. In other cases, you also have an opportunity to order your task to be done by a professional author. Let’s help you and be your precious support in making your paper!


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Social work research papers

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Social work essay examples

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