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How to write Dissertation Methodology – Tips and Examples

What is a methodology: definition and meaning

A methodology of a dissertation is a summary of methods which help the author to get exact results and make final conclusions in research. This part usually appears right after the literature overview, but sometimes exceptions happen. But the writer is obligated to create organic passing modulation between sections, so they make a readable text.

The task of your methodology is to help you discover those questions in dissertation you made before. Usually, writers ask supervisors to give them advice with methods, but try to be on your own. As a result of proper methods, you will choose how to process own research, which models and principles to use, etc.

According to these statements, the methodology will describe why the author has chosen such things to discover and how he is going to make it up. Everyone can create this part of the dissertation by themselves or buy a structured methodology dissertation online.

Common Methods Used in Social-Science Research

Social science belongs to disciplines which use mixed methods. It means that you can find numerous useful option in variety for your dissertation outline and methodology. But experts recommend discussing each potential method for your research with a supervisor. It will help you avoid huge mistakes because methods are essential to determine the results of your dissertation. If you use the wrong methodology, you will be failed with such important paper in the very beginning.

Here are research methodology examples which usually suit social science.

  • This is a very flexible and popular option which allows gathering information from the primary source and famous people in the field. To make it properly you must make a list of questions, ask interviewee for help, and conduct the interview. Such methods are suitable to gather information from 1-3 people, but not a group of them.
  • It means that the researcher needs to observe how people behave in the exact situation according to circumstances. Observation requires more time, so be ready to spend several days on it. In other cases, your results may be unfair. So don’t choose this method if you are short of time.
  • Such an approach allows getting standardized data from a small or big group of people. This method is useful whether you need to get qualitative and quantitative answers. Questionnaires are the best to discover information from the group of people who are common in one or several indexes, such as age, sex, location, education, etc.
  • Documentary analysis. If you need to deal with different papers, this method will suit you. Such a method was the primary option for a history of founding out important things about historical events and people. In addition, documents are considered to be a trustworthy background for any research no matter the subject.

Besides these methods, you can also use others. In any case, you need to choose them according to your discipline, topic, intentions, etc.

Steps for Choosing the Right Research Methodology

In case your methodology makes an essential influence on the dissertation or other paper, you must choose the right options in the beginning. Selecting wrong approaches to discover your subject will bury your work into the grave. So if you have no intentions to make new dissertation in a week before the defense, put all efforts to choose proper methodology. Here are 6 elements which will help you to make a choice.


In the very end of your research paper, you need to determine approximate research results. If you clearly understand such things you can narrow research approaches and pick up the most proper ones.

Analytical Significance

You do research and get statistically significant results that mean there is a low possibility to get them accidentally. Exactly such data is considered to be the clearest and fair. To make it true, the author should add to his methodology more samples, quantitative facts, etc. Remember, that statistically significant results are the most essential if you extrapolate things from small to large.

Difference between qualitative and quantitative research

The author needs to choose the former type of data, or maybe he requires both of them. As a result, he may add to his methodology list qualitative approaches such as focus group, interview, etc. or use more quantitative options like heat maps, highlighting tools and so on. Qualitative methods are concerned about discovering human behavior, and quantitative approaches are made to find out facts about different phenomena.

Sample Size

Depending on the size of your evidence you need to pick up a proper research method. For instance, if you are going to discover pricing for the exact product, you need to hold surveys with a big amount of people.

How quickly do you need results

If you have enough time, you may choose any types of methods including long-term. But if your task is urgent, then you prefer quick options like online survey, etc.

Improving the Availability

If your topic has already started very several researches in the field, then you may avoid making your own. As a result, you can skip primary research and use data from secondary resources.

How to Structure Methodology

A methodology is not a very big chapter, but it also must be structured. Experts in academic writing recommend to use the following structure:

  1. Research design should enable the researcher to answer the research questions with all evidence effectively.
  2. Philosophical questions so you can investigate your research model and gather more quantitative data.
  3. Collect and analyze data to discuss main thesis statements and make clear conclusions.

In general, there is no gold standard, so authors can consult with their supervisors and make their best. Remember, that you should consult with a professional author if there is something wrong with your dissertation methodology. Such help will prevent you from traveling unbeaten paths and making huge mistakes with research.

Tips for writing a good methods section

A methodology is critically important for a dissertation. As you understand, you can’t skip this chapter and do fair research. So there is no doubt you should write a methodology section in time. To do it in a proper manner, you should follow several pieces of advice:

  • describe the reasons why you choose the exact method for your research;
  • explain the particularities of each approach in your dissertation;
  • add as many methods as you need, but remember that quality is more important than quantity in this situation;
  • describe how you have used the exact approach and which results you have gained;
  • always write the methodology chapter before holding research;
  • ask for help if you have questions about the methodology for your dissertation.

There are no strict requirements for using methods. If this chapter satisfies readers interests and allows holding research to gain fair results, then this part of your dissertation is good. Don’t skip methodology in any research paper and be attentive to each method. As a result, you will finish your task successfully, get a positive review, and deserve an expert reputation in your discipline.

Writing your Dissertation: Methodology

When you are writing your dissertation methodology, you should also remember its aim. Your task is to add more descriptions so your readers will understand right your purposes and goals. After gathering all the information for this chapter of your dissertation or other research paper, you need to write the text for it.

Describe all the methods you need in your dissertation and explain their role in the research. For instance, share the reasons why you have chosen observation method and which results you are expecting to gain. Besides, the size of your methodology dissertation also varies. It could be more or less content depending on your subject and purposes. Frankly speaking, there are no exact requirements, besides reaching your aims. So choose a positive way with the most efficient results for your task.


So the writer is obligated to keep in mind various indexes in choosing methodology. This is the only way you can get a fair and relevant list of methods and continue preparing dissertation examples or other research paper.

Only attentive and responsible behavior will help you to create a perfect methodology and continue writing an excellent research paper. Be sure you should do your best to get fair results with proper methods of researching!

Methodology Example

Good samples help us understand how perfect paper looks like. The same is fair for making methodology. You can help yourself a lot if you may find and discover good samples, so don’t miss such a chance.

If you need methodology examples, you can get them. Just use our examples and make sure you do everything right with your research paper. Thanks to these dissertation methodology examples you can confirm you are doing great, find mistakes and correct them, or get a base for your new task. In case you are not sure in your own powers or prefer to be absolutely sure in the result, we recommend to ask a professional writer for help. Our team knows how to write a methodology and can make your task for you quickly and professionally.


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